Tanja SternbauerTanja Sternbauer

Co-Founder & Managing Partner of the female factor, Podcast Host of in.sync, Co-Founder of Female Founders Global

Tanja is the co-founder of the female factor, a platform dedicated to create opportunities for a new era of female leaders by boosting confidence, connections and competence. Members get access to highly curated, impactful workshops, individual mentor sessions with industry experts, and exclusive events in over 15 cities worldwide. The female factor supports pioneering partner companies in attracting and retaining female digital-first talents and forming and reaching their diversity goals.

Tanja is also co-host of in.sync | the podcast connecting business and spirituality, fostering conversations about using spiritual consciousness and guidance as tools to infuse better leadership and create alignment within ourselves, our businesses, and personal lives.

Before co-founding the female factor, Tanja acted as Managing Partner of a leading startup accelerator and initiated a female-focused entrepreneurship organization. Before her work for the European startup ecosystem, Tanja started her own startup HeyBeauty, a scheduling tool for beauty appointments at the age of 25 after gaining experience in Berlin and Singapore.

Tanja was awarded “Female Rolemodel in Europe” in 2019 and was named one of the top 100 leading business women in Austria. In addition to her roles, she is also an active mentor for startups and a speaker for entrepreneurship and diversity topics on an international level.

Takes part in

Sep, 4 8:00 PM CEST
Stage 1
Panel Discussion

How to Eliminate Racial, Disability, and Gender Biases in Recruitment and Hiring Practices?

  • How to differentiate the policies that work from the well-intentioned policies that fail to increase workplace diversity
  • How to expand your candidate pool and promote gender and racial equity in the hiring process
  • How to develop and implement an interview rubric designed to mitigate bias
James Pogue President and CEO of JP Enterprises
Tanja Sternbauer Co-Founder & Managing Partner of the female factor, Podcast Host of in.sync, Co-Founder of Female Founders Global
Angela Kohama Inclusive Livelihood Policy Lead at Humanity & Inclusion
Todd ''Bowtie'' Jenkins Senior Diversity and Inclusion Lead at J.B. Hunt Transport, Chief Diversity Executive and Consultant at Bowtie Leadership & Development
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