Niarchos PabalisNiarchos Pabalis

Director of Global Diversity & Inclusion at Wikimedia Foundation

Niarchos is a proud Latino gay man who completed his studies in Computer Science. Born in Brazil and raised in Uruguay, Niarchos experienced cultural intelligence from a very young age. After joining multinational German company SAP in 2010, working still in software engineering, his passion for equal opportunities led him to join Diversity & Inclusion efforts as a volunteer. He was soon transferred to SAP’s headquarters for a one-year assignment reporting to SAP’s Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer. During his stay in Germany, he was responsible for all Business Resource Groups and coordinated the development of the company’s first Diversity & Inclusion Learning Program, which was then rolled out worldwide and is now part of the learning curriculum available to SAP’s 100K+ employees.

Due to his efforts in support of inclusion and belonging, Niarchos later became the Head of Diversity & Inclusion for SAP Latin America & the Caribbean in 2015. Based in Brazil while traveling worldwide, he spearheaded the design and execution of the regional award-winning Diversity & Inclusion strategy. Due to Niarchos’ leadership, in 2019 SAP earned 30 awards exclusively related to D&I, representing 60% of all HR recognitions in that region. In 2016, the Financial Times selected Niarchos as one of the Future Global LGBT+ Leaders.

Niarchos loves travelling and is a huge fan of genealogy, building his family tree with 2.500 people up to the year of 1200. Niarchos is super excited to have joined Wikimedia Foundation as the new Director of Diversity & Inclusion in early 2020.

Takes part in

Sep, 4 1:00 PM CEST
Stage 1
Panel Discussion

Dismantling Stereotypes: How to Cultivate Empathy and Inclusion via Technology

  • How to attract and retain diverse and highly skilled talent by creating a truly inclusive workplace for all colleagues
  • How to create supportive environments within organizations
  • How to use technology to build empathy and understanding
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