Adi RedzicAdi Redzic

CEO, Leadership and Executive Coach at Think Change

Adi Redzic is an award-winning executive coach, leadership trainer, entrepreneur, author of two books, and motivational speaker. From a war-torn childhood in the Balkans to the meetings in the halls of power at The White House, Adi has used powerful, impactful, time-tested techniques to change his own life and assist thousands of others in doing the same.

For over a decade, Adi has helped individuals and organizations transform and grow, covering a wide-range of areas including deep personal and professional development, leadership and people management, employee engagement and culture, diversity and inclusion, financial literacy, nonprofit management and philanthropy, strategic planning, and marketing communications.

In addition to founding Think Change, Adi co-created and built a national program on financial literacy and co-ran an interfaith, service, and leadership nonprofit. He’s also an advisor to, investor in, and supporter of multiple other causes.

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