How to Create an Inclusive Culture for Enhanced Organisational Agility and Performance

September 7, 2020 10:00 AM CEST GET TICKETS

Maud LindleyMaud Lindley

Founding Director of Serendis Leadership

Leaders shape culture & strategy. Culture & strategy shape performance.

This workshop will deconstruct pre-conceived ideas on the way diversity effectively adds value. Over the last ten years, in an effort to achieve results and present compelling arguments, we have simplified a very complex issue. In a world where the pace of change and disruption has reached new levels, it is urgent for our executive community to understand how to effectively deliver enhanced performance out of diversity.

The facilitator will be presenting the most recent compelling research in an engaging ‘devil’s advocate’ approach. Our participants will debate on the following two questions: How does diversity effectively trigger heightened performance at a team level? In which way is this relevant to our business? Through this interactive exercise, leaders will see some of their most challenging questions on diversity & inclusion answered.

The session will re-define inclusion, debunk some myths around best practice and provide practical solutions to lead change. The group will discover 9 critical dimensions of inclusion that they can practically apply in their day to day leadership.

This workshop will not only reconcile D&I with performance, it will show the critical role inclusion plays in organisational agility and success.