Building Cultural Competence in Global Teams

September 8, 2020 1:30 PM CEST GET TICKETS

Theresa Sigillito HollemaTheresa Sigillito Hollema

Author of Virtual Teams Across Cultures, Senior Partner at NeoSeven Solutions

Cultural diversity is now the fabric of our organizations. Leaders, managers and teams most likely collaborate with colleagues, suppliers and customers from other cultures as this is the reality of multinational organizations. Instead of dealing with the frustrations, we must learn about other cultures and develop cultural competence, also when working virtually.

This course focuses on cultural diversity and multicultural virtual teams. We will look at research, stories and case studies to try to make sense of cultural conflict and how leaders and teams can get the best from their diversity. Through this interactive workshop, we will explore the following questions:

Participants will leave with an awareness of cultural diversity and ideas to create more successful global teams.

Theresa has recently written a new book, Virtual Teams Across Cultures: Create Successful Teams Around the World, available 1 September. The book is an inspiring and comprehensive guide for reflective leaders and teams who want to bring out the best in remote, culturally diverse teams.