How to Disrupt Exclusionary Behavior in the Workplace. A Guide for Inclusion Change Agents

September 8, 2020 5:00 PM CEST GET TICKETS

Shavon LindleyShavon Lindley

CEO and Co-Founder at ion Learning

How do you respond when you’re not invited to lunch, when you’re interrupted twice in a meeting, or when you overhear someone make fun of another person? Do you walk away, stay silent, or do you speak up? Every day at work you witness behaviors that make other people feel excluded. While the fear of sabotaging your career keeps you silent, ignoring exclusionary behavior sabotages your team’s performance and happiness at work.

During this workshop, culture change tech expert and TEDx speaker, Shavon Lindley, will reveal her neuroscience-based 4-step technique to disrupt exclusionary behavior. Designed to prevent defensiveness and feelings of being attacked, these steps help both individuals feel heard and valued so they can learn and grow from the experience.

Shavon will also explore the 5 daily habits of change agents for inclusion, and will provide ion’s “Check Your Bias Guide” to help your company minimize the negative effects of biases in your processes and systems.

Learn how an inclusion focused mindset gets your teams excited for work in the morning, ensures that the best ideas are created, and enables you to stay ahead in these turbulent times.