Panel Discussion

Ensuring a Safe and Inclusive Work Environment for LGBT+ Employees

September 4, 2020 9:00 PM CEST GET TICKETS

Creating a safe work environment for everyone is one of the main ideas of inclusion. On average, LGBT+ people experience more struggles with finding employment and then bringing their full selves to work. It is proven that LGBT+ workers who are able to come out at work and be themselves are more effective and initiative in completing their tasks. Still, in some countries, the LGBT+ community is more marginalized than in others. LGBT+ friendly companies can create not only a safe space for these people in their countries but also increase their team collaboration and productivity.

Join the panel discussion to learn more on the following topics:

Speakers will provide you with all the necessary information that will help to create a safe and inclusive work environment for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you at the session!
Cecilia Gentili Principal at Transgender Equity Consulting
Filipe Roloff Global Diversity & Inclusion Lead for Lifetime Customer Experience at SAP and Co-founder & Lead of Pride Connection Brasil
Jennifer Brown Founder & CEO at Jennifer Brown Consulting, Author of Inclusion (2016) and How To Be An Inclusive Leader (2019)
Alvine Trémoulet Inclusion Lead Europe at Pfizer
Michael Bach Founder and CEO of The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion
Keri Le Page Inclusion & Diversity Partner at IBM Australia/New Zealand