Creating Inclusive Work Environments to Achieve Gender-Balanced Organisations

September 9, 2020 9:00 AM CEST GET TICKETS

Rina Goldenberg LynchRina Goldenberg Lynch

Managing Director at The Big Fish Academy

When looking at gender unbalanced organisation, the first and foremost issue tends to be the culture. More specifically, it is the fact that most organisations fail to recognise the need for a work culture that is inclusive towards women.

But how do you influence culture change? What can you do to foster more openness and curiosity to those who are different? How do you build new behaviour habits to be more open and welcoming of women and what are these new behaviours?

In this training session we will look at what it takes to create an inclusive culture that is welcoming of women. We will look at specific inclusive behaviours, using specific and commonplace examples and will learn how each person can develop these inclusive behaviours so that women feel valued for their authenticity. The result: the start of a journey towards an organisational work environment that attracts, retains and promotes women and builds a gender-balanced organisation where everyone thrives.

Session Content:

At the end of the session you will: