A CEO Guide for Delivering and Measuring Inclusion Success

September 4, 2020 6:20 PM CEST GET TICKETS

Following the global outbreak of the #BlackLivesMatter, the diversity & inclusion conversation in many large corporations has been taken to the CEO level. Nowadays, CEOs and many other C-suites are looking for ways to go beyond verbal support of minorities, underrepresented groups.

Diversity & inclusion are becoming a new business imperative requiring CEOs to establish a system, which can ensure delivery of tangible results and their proper management. Our speaker is one of the few who thought and implemented that system way before the BLM outbreak.

In his interview with the Forum’s organizers, Steve will open up on Smile Brands’ diversity & inclusion policies, procedures, and projects as well as on his inclusive leadership principles which put him on the list of the TOP CEOs for women, TOP CEOs for diversity, and other US and international diversity rankings. The talk will be focused on how an organization can achieve gender and racial balance, strong employee retention and satisfaction rates, combined with high performance and efficiency.

Steve Bilt CEO of Smile BrandsSmiles for Everyone Foundation
Kostiantyn Gridin Organizer at Global Inclusion Online Forum