A Beginner’s Guide — The How To’s of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

September 9, 2020 1:30 PM CEST GET TICKETS

Monika NavandarMonika Navandar

Founder and Chief D&I Consultant at NeoSeven Solutions

Have you looked at your World Headquarters’ D&I Strategy and wondered what you could do locally or in your region?

Have you been struggling to unleash the Power & Versatility of Strategic Diversity & Inclusion?

Have you run some Inclusion & Diversity initiatives but didn’t see the actual achievement of the desired goals?

Do you want to go beyond Gender diversity and Unconscious Bias awareness programs?

Do you want to know what are those quick wins that actually move the needle?

How do you work towards realising the full potential of each individual, team, and the organisation as a whole?

Well, if you have struggled with assessing your organization's D&I strategy and knowing what steps to take, you are not alone! Over the years, I have had several conversations with C-Suite leaders who want to increase their understanding of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and elevate their organization’s DEI Strategy.

Being a Global D&I Practitioner for several years, I intend to share global best practices, case-studies and practical advice. I would also provide a safe space to ask questions and ensure that your work environment is inclusive for all employees.

This session would cover various aspects of successful D&I strategy:

  1. Understand how to foster greater accountability and action for an inclusive work environment
  2. Understand how to bring awareness to systemic biases and micro-aggressive behaviours within the organization
  3. Understand the much-needed interventions in policy making, recruitment, governance & accountability and your organization for a truly Inclusive & Diverse workplace

Key Takeaways:

  1. A quick D&I Strategy Assessment to assess the effectiveness of the strategy for all employees
  2. Learn to measure, manage and improve an Organization's Inclusion & Diversity program
  3. A set of practical D&I metrics