Taz LatifTaz Latif

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

Taz spent over 4 years as a teacher before making the move into the Startup space, helping to hire global teams at scale, from Silicon Valley to Singapore. Endless micro-aggressions fuelled her desire to create change. Frustrated with the lack of diversity and inclusion in her industry, she began to focus her efforts onto more strategic hiring; educating founders and leaders on the importance of mental health, wellbeing, race, religion, culture, gender, neurodiversity and so on.

She is now a full-time Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and global public speaker. Taz has collaborated with the likes of GoogleForStartups, Ministry of Justice, Facebook, Financial Times, Expedia, TechInclusion and Bloomberg.

Outside of her day job, she is an EnrolYourself alumni, part-time spin instructor, plant mum, conqueror of Kilimanjaro, charity skydiver, and has most recently run the Freedom of Movement Marathon, raising over £15K for charitable causes. Her mission is to continue living in her Ikigai.

Takes part in

Sep, 3 9:00 AM CEST
Stage 1
Panel Discussion

Religious Inclusion: What Corporations Can Do to Create an Inclusive Workplace for Multi-Faith Teams?

  • Building a religiously inclusive work culture: challenges and solutions

  • How to create a psychologically safe workplace for employees of different faiths and beliefs

  • How to improve understanding and the importance of delivering religiously inclusive communications within the team

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