Danielle BrownDanielle Brown

Double Paralympic Champion in Archery, Diversity & Inclusion Leader

Danielle Brown is a British competitive archer. She is a two-time Paralympic gold medallist (Beijing 2008 and London 2012) , five-time World Champion, and a 1st disabled athlete to represent able-bodied England team at the Commonwealth Games. She is a keynote speaker and an author of the children's self development book "Be Your Best Self".

Coming from a world where one tiny mistake makes a difference between winning and failing, she has a unique insight into what it takes to deliver results and achieve challenging objectives. Using a head-heart approach, she uses her story to inspire and wrap solid strategies around it to raise people’s levels of thinking. As she says, her aim is to empower people to unlock potential, overcome barriers, and achieve more.

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Sep, 4 5:00 PM CEST
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Fighting for Equity in Sports and Business

Danielle Brown Double Paralympic Champion in Archery, Diversity & Inclusion Leader
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