Inclusive Leadership Practices to Manage Conflict in the Workplace

September 9, 2020 5:30 PM CEST GET TICKETS

Bernardo FerdmanBernardo Ferdman

Founder & Principal at Ferdman Consulting

Conflict is a naturally occurring phenomenon in organizations, and not necessarily a negative one. Often, too little conflict can be just as detrimental to performance as too much conflict. Identifying differences-and working through any conflicts associated with them is fundamental to reaping the potential benefits of diversity. For that reason, handling conflict well, speaking up about what is important, and making space for others who may disagree with us are all keys to effective inclusion. Yet, in a time of heightened awareness of diversity, increased impatience with injustice, and a salient need to stop discrimination and harassment, it is not always clear how to deal with differences at work in ways that are productive, effective, and authentic and that also foster inclusion and equity.

In this interactive workshop, we will examine the role of inclusive leadership as a foundation for managing conflict in the workplace in ways that can result in better outcomes for all, that serve to capture the benefits of diversity, and that foster inclusion. What are the practices leaders can use to engage across differences and to foster a culture in which well-managed conflict can be used as a productive and inclusive force? Join us to challenge your assumptions about conflict and how it relates to inclusion, to expand your options for managing conflict, and to learn the core mindsets and behaviors that inclusive leaders use to harness its benefits.

Topics will include: